Prints and Underlays

Universal Primer

Penetrating and fixative impression, with a very high power of penetration. Nourishes and consolidates the funds.

Undercoat for Light Colors

La sous-couche d’accrochage permet d’obtenir une bonne opacité, homogénéise la porosité des fonds, régularise leur absorption. Très bonne résistance à l’alcalinité, microporeuse.

Undercoat for Dark Colors

The underlayer provides a good opacity, homogenizes the porosity of the funds, regulates their absorption. Very good resistance to alkalinity, microporous. It dyes for sustained tones in a “false tone” that allows to obtain a perfect opacity and the accuracy of the chosen finish tint.

Wallpaper Adhesive

Ready-to-use glue based on corn starch and potato in aqueous phase.

Interior Paint Finishes

Powder Matte

Matte paint of exceptional depth for walls and ceilings.

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Matte Lacquer

Velvety matte paint, very resistant, reinforced polyurethane. Touched soft and silky.

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Velvet Satin

Paint based on leachable acrylic copolymer.

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Satin Lacquer

Semi-gloss satin lacquer with a taut appearance, very resistant. Versatile for walls and woodwork.

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Glossy Lacquer

Excellent tension and high gloss. Great hiding power.

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Ceiling Matte

Mat without insulating voltage for ceilings based on alkyd emulsion. Very opacifying and anti-penetrating, great whiteness, no tears, microporous, insulating stains. Fund preparation reduced.

Shade Yves Klein®

Undercoat Yves Klein®

Essential and unique undercoat for Yves Klein ® Matte Deep & Yves Klein ® Matte Velvety paints based on acrylic binder.

Deep Matte Yves Klein®

Deep matt paint based on vinyl binder, very opacifying, with excellent roundness and great filling power (odorless, fast drying).

Velvet Matte Yves Klein®

Velvety matt paint based on acrylic binder, very opacifying, with excellent tension and great filling power (odorless, fast drying, no residual tack).

Effect Paints

Lime Paint

Lime Paint

Effet décoratif spectaculaire proche du Stucco. Application simplifiée grâce à une sous-couche spéciale. Toucher lisse et soyeux.

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Interior Floor Finish

Exterior Wall Finishes

Varnishes and Protections

Protective Wall Waxes (with solvent, colorless, gold, pearl, silver, silver & gold)