Lime Paint, back to Natural…

4 February 2019

From beautiful beach resorts, charming European escapes, eclectic bohemian interiors, Moroccan retreats, to modern New York apartments, Lime Paint seems to be the “IT” trend.  In the last few years, people have been craving for a more “Natural”, “Earthy”, “Back to its Origins” look.  Ressource in collaboration with Maison de Vacances, has created a collection in which each color tells a story… in which each color makes you feel comfortable at home, welcomed, and echoing a natural philosophy that allows you to take plain colors to another dimension and experiencing a closer artistic sensibility.

Ressource Limewash

Ressource’s natural lime wash paint is low in VOC’s and has no additives.  It is resistant to bacteria and mold and amazing antifungal properties. Lime wash not only allows your walls to breathe but to be one of the healthiest choices for your home.   The qualities of Ressource’s lime wash paint make it an outstanding product, that not only brings character, depth and organic textures into any space, but it represents their commitment and responsibility towards the environment.

Ressource Limewash & Samples

Dive deep into its texture and color which never ceases to evolve with the light, and let yourself feel & experience the charm of Ressource’s lime paint which is enhanced delicately and elegantly in a bold bohème way…