2019 Color Trends…

4 February 2019

Every year, Ressource creates a paint collection “signed” by a modern designer in order to continuously expand its range of colors.

Ressource is committed to remain at the forefront of colors in fashion, decoration and artistic creations in general.  As the new year approaches, the upcoming trends point to a new take on rich hunter green, vibrant hues of deep blues and bottle greens, moody grays, warm blacks along with chalky, muted tones, evoking a soothing organic environment.

Lime Paint and Roman Plaster are key elements to obtain depth & texture on your walls, inspiring raw natural elements that we see so vividly on new interior design tendencies, and please… who doesn’t love a little touch of glamour with Ressource’s Metallic Collection which promises to add a “je ne sais quoi”?

Ressource Limewash Samples