The 1950's Colours - une Collection de teintes par Patrick Baty pour Ressource

In 48 shades, this “Modernist” range bears witness to the post-war creative force in England and in France, right up to the 60s.

This collection is partly based on the very first standardised, ready-to-use color chart. The collection was created by the British Standard Insitute – which is the U.K. standards body – and is the result of the joint efforts of the Royal Insititute of Architects and the British Colour Council. It was given the identification code BS 2660 in 1955.

The 1950’s Colours Collection

48 tints

This color fan was the first range of colors used for buildings and decorative paints.

“….I selected and adapted 48 shades for Ressource out of almost a hundred as I considered them to be doubly able to be used today and to represent this time period adaquately…” says Patrick Baty.

F13 Murmur

F15 Bistre

F16 Java