Collection Enduit Romain - Ressource Peintures

This pretinted lime wash coating is the heir of the splendid but laborious Marmorino.

Its two main characteristics are its wide range of colors which spans 64 shades. It covers the usual mineral color spectrum as well as the more modern bright colors that define contemporary architecture.

Roman Plaster Collection

64 shades

The major innovation of this coating is its ease of application: apply one layer of primer with a roller and just one layer of coating using a trowel to create a smooth finish.

This splendid decorative coating has a perfectly smooth, soft and slightly shiny finish and will match many different styles. To accentuate its glazed effect without excessive sheen, use a water-based wax. Its working time of 25 minutes also makes it easy to use.

ER09 Paon

ER10 Iroise

ER11 Colvert

ER12 Jade

ER18 Zenith

ER19 Saphir

ER25 Lauze

ER26 Furet

ER28 Saiga

ER29 Baleine

ER31 Winter

ER39 Berge

ER40 Renard

ER45 Faon

ER46 Albâtre

ER48 Méharée

ER50 Moineau

ER51 Bombyx

ER52 Aigle

ER53 Calcite

ER54 Cemento

ER55 Caracol

ER56 Grizzly

ER57 Ouate

ER59 Percheron

ER60 Volcan