Chaux Ferrée - Collection Maison de Vacances x Ressource

Ressource asked Maison de Vacances to rethink its limewash paint collection by creating new and original shades.

In addition to the timeless tones that Ressource is renowned for, this collection now offers novel, complex and modern hues in this long forgotten noble material.

Brushed Limewash Paint – Burnished effect

77 shades

Burnished Lime Paint should be applied using an inox trowel and in rounded, supple layers.

This visual effect is that of the lustrous lime wash in Ancient Rome which has been perpetuated by various cultures including Tadelakt in Morocco.
Burnished Lime Paint renders a spectacular mineral look with matte and shiny variations which you can accentuate by using our water-based finishing wax.

Burnished Lime Paint is ideal for light and medium shades.

RMDV01 Finca

RMDV02 Arum

RMDV03 Meringue

RMDV04 Grège

RMDV05 Calisson

RMDV06 Lumière

RMDV07 Lin

RMDV08 Écume

RMDV09 Argile

RMDV10 Calcaire


RMDV13 Cohiba

RMDV14 Havane

RMDV15 Vison

RMDV16 Yeuse

RMDV17 Alluvions

RMDV19 Vétiver

RMDV20 Kaki

RMDV21 Glaise

RMDV22 Puce

RMDV23 Marne

RMDV24 Épeautre

RMDV25 Ocre

RMDV26 Bardenas

RMDV27 Acide

RMDV28 Citrus

RMDV29 Cedrat

RMDV30 Sienne

RMDV31 Ambre

RMDV32 Cordoue

RMDV33 Cadix

RMDV34 Terre Battue

RMDV36 Argile Rouge

RMDV37 Bois de Rose

RMDV38 Rouge Toscan

RMDV39 Rose Ottoman

RMDV40 Musc

RMDV41 Blush

RMDV42 Panty

RMDV43 Caprice

RMDV44 Pastèque

RMDV45 Bonbon

RMDV46 Sunset

RMDV47 Rouille

RMDV50 Caroube

RMDV51 Chianti

RMDV52 Réglisse

RMDV53 Gris Cendré

RMDV54 Ciment

RMDV55 Gris de Lin

RMDV56 Souris

RMDV57 Pouzzolane

RMDV58 Fusain

RMDV59 Caviar

RMDV60 Bauhaus

RMDV61 Bleu Nuit

RMDV62 Cobalt

RMDV63 Lagon

RMDV64 Peacock

RMDV65 Agave

RMDV66 Menthol

RMDV67 Aloe Vera

RMDV68 Forest

RMDV69 Avocat

RMDV70 Glaz

RMDV71 Cèdre

RMDV72 Cyprès

RMDV73 Canard

RMDV74 Lune

RMDV75 Olivier

RMDV76 Embruns

RMDV77 Etang